Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The mysterious life of Baddington Christina

Back many years in 1917 there was an unbelievable story about a child called Baddington .
Matt raced over to the house throw the crowded carnival ,Christina was delivering there child 5 months early .Matt got there to notice he was too late blood splattered around the room ,Pale paints Christina's face 'Tears stream down the face of Matt ogled . Christina has passed away " the midwife screeched behind"Matt went out of control.marching over to Christina's bed lifting here gentle hand into the palm of his hands and then  with the last stroke  of breath Christina had left she said these exact words"look in the crib"doctors raced through the door ,sirens squealed ,Matt had lost his mind he had no way to show his pain he took the very last words Christina said"look in the crib".Matt tiptoed jover to the polished white crib peeling of the blanket glearing at the face Matt did not know what he was looking at but  he yelled for a nurse she glared at the cot saying"this is a old man In a  newborn  child Matt couldn't get his mind around it staring at the face for hours  he finally got it but he knew he couldn't  look after this ugly child the next thing he did was ran the baby to the town a cop got a glimpse of Matt running with the child he ran and ran and ran until breath ran out of Matt then he ended up at a door step Matt had no time to waste ,cuddling the child saying good bye Matt placed the child on a stranger's door step

An soon that stranger was known as the mother of Baddington Christina,Lously Baddington would  wake up most mornings asking more and more about his birth mother Christina .one cold Icy day the doorbell rung,Lously went  to open the door  at once she thought she was looking at a stranger  but he first word he said was I am the father of Baddington Christina  .Six years past Baddington was 78 years old he had found a beautiful lovely king wife called Caroline  and days had past Caroline had news she was scared and frightened to tell Baddington but the day came"Baddington you're going to be a dad " at first Baddington expressed his feelings as happy delighted and joyful but when  Caroline went to the hospital. Confirm what the child was going to be Matt went for a walk outside everything suddenly felt so strange a slight punch of  fright hit Baddington  he was scared that  the child would turn out like he did "

Matt walked into the hospital Caroline had a smile glued onto her face"this bump her is our little girl called rose" 

"Rose I love it " Baddington said back .One day When Christina  was painting the child's walls in pretty pink I kick hit rumbled In her stomach the baby's coming she yelled Baddington didn't know what to do  he rung an ambulance helped her up tall he did not know if this was the correct procedure  the ambulance arrived hours passed  the lovely daughter rose was brought to life  Matt went into the room Christina said see perfect this is the best littlest creation we could of asked for " I agree smiled Baddington but he did have some private news to tell to Caroline " here it goes Caroline you have been everything but amazing you're the loveliest kindest most beautiful person I have ever met but I figured that since we have. A child when i get younger you will be looking after both of us I will stay with you  for 19 more years when I am 50 but then I will leave and set my dreams of course you are in them with me.  19 years passed there  daughter rose was 20 years old the time came for Baddington for leave how did he leave no one knows Caroline woke up to see no one beside here so from then on Caroline married again to a man called Jonathan but she always says no one can love me more than Baddington Christina 


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