Sunday, 7 June 2015

Of we go to Rarotonga

After a long wait we made it to Rarotonga it toke us two planes one small one big when we arrived it was hot as we stayed at the edge water we went snorkeling and saw turtles loads of pretty fish an deals on captain Tulsa and a local how ran captain Tomas climbed a huge coconut tree in a bout. Ten seconds I am working on a. I movie about my trip but here are some photos of my holiday and some dancing that. We went tone night at our resort.


  1. Kyah
    Cool photos was it a good view from up in the sky?
    Have you ever been on a plain befor.
    Jayden. F

    1. No I haven't been on a plane before
      but yes it was a very good view from the airplane
      and we had a great flight there and back and had a amazing relaxing hot holiday

  2. Those are awesome photos Kyah
    Hope you had a great time in Rarotonga
    Caro room3 Auroa primary school
    Taranaki/ New Zealand