Saturday, 11 April 2015


This is my mountin mount taranaki_  it is located in the taranaki .region on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island. Although the mountain is more commonly know as taranaki some people call it he naki.taranaki is wher i am located in the north island with a population of 110,000 is to be known for the best place for out door activites.we have a rugby team if you have not heard of them taranaki with there mascot ferdie the bull.newplymouth is the largest town in taranaki with a population of 72,800 then ther is hawera with a population  of 12,000 .at the start i was talking a bit about new zealand did you know captaion cook was the first person in all of history to seek new zealand.newzealand is truly known for its farming districts.


  1. Kyah
    Great to see that you are posting on your blog during the holidays and taking your time to come up with some fantastic posts - you are also getting close to 4,000 page views which is an amazing figure for a student blog so well done. Great to see you Hyperlinking your posts and don't forget that you can Spell Check your work (as well as checking it for full stops and capitals).
    Mr Webb

  2. Kyah
    Great photo of the mountain & the hills it looks relay good see you back at school.
    Jayden. F