Thursday, 12 March 2015

bring it on

Nerves crackled up my spine .Butterfly's swirled around me like they were captured in a net .in a line  of a mixture of schools of the age 10 and under it seems that they are all eager to win the coastal triathlon  2015  but unfortunately i am going to win.2 kids until my extreme dive 1...2 ''splash''winding my arms around and around in circles like a mind mill .3 strokes done then breath  .my eagerness  to win was unbearable.1st length done now it time for the crawl 2nd length ''come on kyah you can do this'' taking that speech pacing 2 girls . Finish  the fast and speedy swim now for the challenging bike.

Racing out of the heated water pools  to my bike goose bumps shatter around my body.Taking a glimpse over at the marshal  she said to me is a silent soft gentle voice''come on love keep going for your school''.Slowing down my speed wait a second where is my bike scanning around ah ha found it .Power walking through  chucking a pair of short shorts on (lightning fast).Speaking of lighting a long beam of lightning  powers down .a rattle vibrates throw my body action packs with a load of extreme fright.Buckling my helmet as quick as possible placing my bottom on the leather seat and of and away i was.

Pedal,pedal,pedal. over taking 5 and 10 pumping a deep breath in .silently whispering to myself''bringit on''.I am in 3rd but unfortunately  1st and second are our of breach and site .But that does not stop me  from victory .Spinning my pedal as fast as the flick of light nearly at the run  passing through the steal gate  racing my bike to the finish unclicking my  helmet .Hooping of my silver and purple gleaming bike beginning my 2 laps of the opunake high school field run.Breathing my energy in not running the field but i try so hard but not enough i have to jog or it wont look pretty . My opponents pray close behinmg me greedy for my position .1st lap done 2nd lap nearly done run run run i am in the finishing lane 1 2 finish.Joy races throw my body the look me in the eyes i am shaking with excitement because i can not wait to hear my time '' your time is 23:07 that is great i thought a splash of proudness celebrates throw my happy body.


  1. Kyah
    This is an awesome piece of writing but please run the Spell Checker through it as there are some things that you need to fix up!

  2. Just wondering... do North Islanders not put capital letters after full stops and at the start of new sentences? We do down south... Having said that I loved your narrative! I could picture you pedalling so hard on your bike!

  3. From your opening line; 'Nerves crackled up my spine .Butterfly's swirled around me like they were captured in a net...' right to the end of this piece of writing you captured my attention. The content of what you wrote was so captivating I felt that I was competing in that triathlon with you. I see you have paragraphs but adding capital letters and full stops would really polish this wonderful piece of writing along nicely.

    It is great to be so fit. Try and keep it up. Exercise is a great 'pick me up' for when life might be challenging.

    With every good wish

    Merry Beau (Ireland)