Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Big Day

WALT: We are learning to write a recount about the School Triathlon.

Taking a glimpse to my left, a line of nervous statues stand on the starting line, ready to go.

My heart was pounding, full pressure.   My nerves were uncontrollable, butterflies race inside of me, then I heard a bang! go! Tension gathered in my body Auroa School Intermediate Triathlon had come to a speedy start.   Running at high speed my opponents follow near behind but I am in the lead.  A flag stands at the last corner of the 750m run.  Bethany roams behind me greedy for victory.  I was bulleting  towards but just was not enough Bethany passed. "there is still the bike and swim my luck hasn't faded just yet I thought".

Zooming down from the run I was exhausted and speechless.  Mum stood at my bike smiling, I hurry up buckling my helmet and off and away I went "4k bike here I come" stepping and pushing my pedals as fast as possible my enemy is up ahead.  Speaking to myself come on you can do this turn your second into first.

She is a metre ahead, racing my pedals as fast as a lightning bolt.   I have achieved my goal by passing but I can not go getting my hopes up now there is still the pressuring swim.

"Splash" I am ready to start my long distance 50 metre swim there and back.   Stroking a stroke my breath was low still pushing myself as hard as possible.  "I can do this whispering to myself.

My breath has come but I am out of the sparkling, gleaming clear water and now Bethany takes a shot in the pool.  

At the end of the day I was proud of my lead but I wasn't the only  person that worked hard.

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