Thursday, 12 February 2015

my night to shine

  • Moron coloured curtains opened . That  is when we time traveled back many years to the year 1970.thinking sneakily and quietly to myself tonight's my night to shine.Nerves racing up and down through my body.Glimpsing  my eye out from the stage there a humongous crowd awaits ready for action

  • .scene one ready take action .Forrest Gump begins our production."hello my name is Forrest Forrest Gump .that caught the crowd's attention  and whipped a  laugh .Butterflies fluttered around me because my part was near.

  • Now it is my time t o shine . Taking my fire step on The plank of wood  .Snapping into position  time for The fantastic showcasing karate chop dance  while the action pack Bruce lee scene went on. Thinking this is a great time  show of our shimmer and sparkerling the look of the audiences faces we were  blowing there minds away .now the final scene to fi ish of with the funk theme style dance sea funk.Nerves were haunting me but when the night was finished smiles surrounded me and made me proud of my self.

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