Thursday, 4 December 2014


Netball is a simple sport it is popular in both Australia England united stats and sometimes in new zealand.There are seven players on a team.You will have a coach you will get poisitions such as GA,GD,WA,WD,GK,C,GS
 so you know where to go and where you are allowed and were you are allowed up  to  when center gets the ball ga and wa runn forward to catch the ball be aware of  your componints defendidng you willl have bibs on  and they will be different colours  related to the other teams say yellow and green grreen is your team they will also have the same position that will be defeding you or  your fellow team mates when the other team has the ball and you have been put by them always make sure yoyu are three steps  aqway always make sure when you defend stand up on your tip toes in your sneakers and  lean over a tad not to close or it will be named as obstruction .

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