Monday, 8 December 2014

isaac newton and light\

Isaac newton is packed with conventions including his discovery in light .Modern understanding in light and  colour  begins with isaac  newton.(1642-1726)  and a series of experiments were  published  in (1672).He is the first  to understand the rainbow  he refracts  white light with a prism , resolving  it into its component colours.:red,orange,yellow,green,blue, and violet. In the late 1660s, Isaac newton starts experiments with his celebrated pheomem of colours, at time people thought that colour was a mixture of light in the darkness, and that prism coloured light . Hook was a proponent of this theory of colour, and had a scale that went from brilliant red to which was pure white light with the least amount of darkness added, to dull bull. the last step before black, which was the complete extinction of light  by darkness. Newton realised that the theory was false.

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