Sunday, 30 November 2014

Netball report

Netball is one of the most popular sports in the world .The history of netball can be 

 traced as a early development of basketball.A year after basketball  was invented in 1891 , the sport was modified for women to accommodate social conventions regarding there participation in sport, giving rise to women basketball . Variations  of women's basketball arose across the united  states and in England . At a physical training college  in England . The rules were modified over several years and they created a new sport called (netball ).
In the begging of netball there were 9 player compared to today we only have 7 on a team back then with 9 players they had three fords three centres and three guards  in the original  Naismith  game and although there were no zones ., the players were to work similar to soccer .In which you were to know your positions of by  heart and where you were allowed without not knowing a thing .
the silver ferns come to this year and are the worlds best netball team they have won many cup  in 2014 this year they won the constallation  that home that the conduct  states that the player s must  accept the decisions  if the umpires  without  questions  or complaint .Did you know that otago brought home the auckland  domanation  to a hault .Winning  the trophy at the tourtament in invargaroe    . In 1932 The first netball game was invented  and playedAs you know silver ferns are are star there are also lots of other famouse teams that you have probably heard of such as a amazing player Iren van dyk  as if you know she retired she was getting to old at the fast 5.            

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