Monday, 10 November 2014

Calf and lamb day 2014

  1. Leading shanks over to the winning ring  ,whispering to shanks to only recieve a ''baa'' in return''we can win today''.Glaring over to the ring there stands the only champion of all times Jacob Forsyth always bringing home that victory  trophy. This year its mine and nobody elses.Back in 2010 i had a huge advantage to bring victory home with me but ever since i have been the loser of the day  . Trust me never look at the winner colours titand around the fluffy pet and there I stood empty hand .
  1. Auroa school calf and lamb day 2014, shanks and i fear the only winner of all time's Jacob.Forsyth the name is announced every minute and second , mixed emotions fly throw my mind . Anger and ego haunted me for four years and today is our chance to defeat the winner.
3.Calling come next but first we have to go throw the subject I  and shanks fear leading , very year my pets head hunched low . Busy munching on its meal. Pulling its head up with all my might not a twitch of a movment was made not even a little twitch was always made . Well today that changed

4.Gazing over at the glossy red ribbon whispering to shanks ''lucky we cleaned you today because we are about to show case you of to al the people  and audience and because in a minute we are going go collect that victory ribbon.But NO NO NO NO  NO NO NO!!!! there is always a no. Claiming the victory Jacob takes it expressing my anger.cheeks as red as a tomato steam  pumping out of my ears like  a bull now i have not finished with you i still plan my big plan of revenge and to defeat you  ha ah ah ah ah ah ha ha!!!!!!!!

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