Thursday, 25 September 2014

game on

springing of pressure pushes me . the feeling of the grass is lick a tickling finger along the soul of my feet.Arch enymes follow approximatly behind , hungry for victory . my energy was  exausting out of my system , but right how is just the begining of the challenge
Fighting bravely throw the pressure my leg free them selfs from captivity.Lead mode ingages tightning my comferdince . Gazingbforward the hill studs with grass . Tughly battling my way throw , first cone ticked of
Swepping throw like a broom. Glearing  torwards the battle paddock number two  ,  victory flag sways in the aiir cheering us on . Vibrating silver glittering fence scrabble to trap us in . tinged by the glittering painfull grass.
Sharp strikes of steaming brezz punched me . Carrying on bravely trying to search for a challenge .  No challenge lead but to bolt throw the wind was tough enough

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