Saturday, 31 May 2014


WALT:free choice
 Bowanariwwing to  my right . Tightly gripping my hands firmly on the ball.blackness cought sight of my eyes.this is were the investigation comes to a start.

Digging lowers and lower into the search .Pitch blackness was the image that slide showed sevril times.Rougher , Rougher beging to push harder and harder to find this mystery person.Aperring every single step time for the pen and paper black and invisible was the descriptions of this thing .

Walking endlessly towrds the clubroom "poof" it appear again .Fright shock me.Wondering"why am I the only one it's wants to show its self to I done not one thing to harm you.Despritly swiping the weak ,fright  away .still not enough evidence to prove enything.But the case won't end until I've got 100% profe to warn people about this thing .not one glance of the mystery person was seen that day after .wonder what happens.

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