Friday, 25 April 2014

My favorite dogs

These are 2of my koros dogs  there names are by order grizzly and bell ..
.grizzly and bell are brother and sister try and guess who's the girl or boy. I have already showed you Nina and had got ten dogs in total I will try put the rest of his dogs on later throw the year.


  1. Kyah
    Those are some amazing photos that go really well with your posts. It was great to read about your dogs but to see the pictures of them as well really aided my understanding of what they look like and I think that you can tell from looking at the photos more about them. What are some of their favourite things that you know these dogs like to do?
    Mr Webb

    1. Bell likes going out on the farm and running around and grizzly likes to catch goats and eat and catch all sorts of animals he finds lying around the farm.