Friday, 4 April 2014

A muck up with poppa pig.

Hi Im kyah the pig today I'm going to the mud pool with my family.My mum is gathering our towels and water .Then just before we were leaving we forgot about our little pig sister Amani so daddy pig trotted over to the barn to fetch her what a relief I was here.Then we were on our way for once .When we arrived  I jumped in then i splashed poppa pig with nice brown slimy mud then poppa came and got his revenge by throw mud balls at me then mummy pig gave us a pig loud mean growling  we'll not much for poppa.i hopped out of the mud pool  and had a nice long refreshing  bath and so did poppa with a grin on his  face .The next day on me and poppa had breakfast together a said sorry. 

See from this story you should always say sorry
By kyah.

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